Kaitlin. 21. New Jersey. College student. Psychology major. Flyers fan first and foremost. Love affair with the Bruins. Soft spot for the Kings. Trench Wench. MCRmy Killjoy. Robert Downey, Jr., Misha Collins, Neil Patrick Harris and Rachel McAdams admirer. Started and obsessed with Supernatural. Taking down Walkers. New Lostie. Whose Line watcher. Harper's Island original. Attempting How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory. Growing Sherlockian. Gryffinpuff house. Little Droog. Disney fanatic. State Alchemist. Marvel, DC and Dark Horse comic book lover. Avid movie-goer. Trustworthy friend. Admiring artist. Amateur photographer. Wistful thinker. Band geek. Book worm. Martial Artist. Gay Rights activist. Empathetic fool. Aspiring traveler. Imperfect perfectionist. Pure Virgo. A messed up moron.

WARNING: Major hockey blog between the months of September and May. Expect Flyers, Bruins, Kings, liveblogging, and much more. You've been warned. The same goes for tv show liveblogging (I do tag for spoilers).

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    JayBo would probably be saying “Im the fricken NHL Iron Man!!!!” and then everyone would say “shut up Jay, no one cares”...
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    OH NATHAN I REALLY MISS YOU AND YOUR BITCHFACES HONEY PLEASE GET BETTER lol sorry to derail with sads anyway lol Looch...
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